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Journal Assignment 1 Where to begin? I feel an array of emotions as I sit down to write this journal entry, with my feelings ranging from exceeding self-confidence to an overwhelmed state. With a second semester at Children’s’ I feel more confident in my abilities and approaches. Yet in taking five courses this semester I have put extra pressure on my stress response capacities. In recognizing these limited capacities, I am being careful to keep myself mentally maintained, asking for guidance when needed and using self-care religiously to maintain some sort of sanity. Fortunately for me, each Monday, our field instructors and task supervisor call a meeting with practicum students to discuss feelings, patient diagnosis’, family involvement…show more content…
That all but, shattered my sense of security and self-determination, which wreaked havoc on any confidence I had in myself or others. Now in retrospect, I have found a place of comfort, which helps to bring back my self-confidence and self-efficacy. Inspired by the difficulties I faced, I now enter patients’ rooms with a certain empathy, giving awareness to social systems that can manipulate or impact health systems. Not only giving patients an awareness of involved systems, but an awareness to my genuine regard for their health and…show more content…
In the past three weeks, we have lost a total of five patients. While I work in a hospital where death occurs frequently, it is sometimes hard to process the loss of a life. Especially those lives end abruptly and needlessly due to abuse and negligence. The one that has hit me the hardest was a child who died at the hands of her young parents, an innocent child who was suffocated and shook to death. In many ways I was angry at the loss of an innocent child, wanting immediate answers as to why a mother could do such a heinous act to her child. As my anger simmered down, I began to see the situation clearly, with a larger understanding of situational shortcomings and factors. The child’s grandparents taught me the biggest lesson, as they are becoming advocates and teachers of shaken baby syndrome. Turning their tragedy into social action and

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