Girl's Dress Codes Should Be Changed

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Imagine a girl waking up for school in the morning knowing that the temperature will be high that day, and putting on a pair of shorts to stay comfortable. Now imagine that same girl being punished, and very likely publicly shamed at school for wearing those shorts. School dress codes are a controversial topic in America. Many say that dress codes are a good thing because they prevent girl’s clothing from distracting students. Others say that girl’s dress codes are too strict, and for multiple reasons. Girl’s dress codes, while helpful in some ways, should be changed because they violate a constitutional amendment, are sexist, and cause a lack of confidence in girls. Dress codes, no matter what gender they are for, violate the First Amendment…show more content…
I’m not saying you should let girls wear anything and everything, but giving them more options of clothes they can wear to school lets students express their individuality, which is something schools say students should be able to do. But when you take away time from a girl’s education to tell her that her clothes are inappropriate, you are not only making it more difficult for them to learn, but telling them they should be ashamed of their bodies and hide them away. An online magazine that writes about feminism did an article on dress codes and said that “any confidence and pride she might take in her appearance is automatically stripped from her when she is told that she is dressing inappropriately.”(Everyday Fem). This shows that even if a girl feels positive about her body in an outfit, if it is even an inch or two too short, when she gets called out for it, she’ll never be able to feel good in an outfit like the one she wore again because she’ll be afraid of being shamed for

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