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Females are attracting more slowly in chat rooms and other communication areas than men (Pierce, 2009). In these days, technology plays a significant role in our daily lives, especially in teenagers’ lives. In addition, the increasing of using technology made teenagers tend to consume communication technology such as texting, rather than talking face-to-face. According to Lenhart, Madden, and Hitlin (2005), “approximately 75% of teens use instant messaging on a regular basis” (Pierce, 2009). However, a number of organizations have examined if communication technology has negative or positive effects on teenagers’ relationship with their families and friends. The results are varied from study to other according to diversity of theories. One studies found that people who feel shy with face-to-face communication,…show more content…
In addition, teenagers prefer using technology communication to contact with their friends. Moreover, the most categories of people who benefit from texting are shy people; it makes their social communication easier (Pierce, 2009). The discussion above has examined evidence for and against the need to consume texting rather than face-to-face communication due to have more time to reflect and contemplate, feel freedom and decrease social anxiety. In other words, it has demonstrated that using technology communication has the potential to redeem selves, avoid errors, no need for full attention, body language and long conversations, gives the sense of comfort, more control over the social interaction and increase self-esteem. While it is clear that further research is needed in this area, there would appear to be considerable evidence that parents and national governments need to closely examine the influence of texting on teenagers if the potential negative effects are to be eliminated and the positive effects

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