Negative Effects Of Communication Technology On Teenagers

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Females are attracting more slowly in chat rooms and other communication areas than men (Pierce, 2009). In these days, technology plays an important role in our daily lives, especially in teenagers’ lives. In addition, the increasing of using technology made teenagers tend to use communication technology such as texting, rather than talking face-to-face. According to Lenhart, Madden, and Hitlin (2005), “approximately 75% of teens use instant messaging on a regular basis” (Pierce, 2009). However, a number of organizations have examined if communication technology has negative or positive effects on teenagers’ relationship with their families and friends. The results are varied from study to other according to diversity of theories. One studies…show more content…
Initially, with regard to having chance to redeem themselves, teenagers will not feel worry and uncomfortable about talking with someone else, because they have a chance to think before hitting the return key (Uitterhoeve, 2007). This will increase the confidence on teenagers and make them talk more. For example, according to Uitterhoeve (2007), “You can sit back in your chair, not having to worry about uncomfortable silences, and reply a minute later without feeling the direct pressure of eyes staring at you”. Secondly, in terms of avoiding errors, face-to-face communication is requires your full attention and it pass quickly without having time to think of answer. For instance, if you stop for minutes to think, this will mean for the other party that you do not want to response. Especially when emotions are implicated, we say things shouldn’t be said (Uitterhoeve, 2007). To avoid these errors teenager should tend to texting rather than direct conversation. Thirdly, with technology communication, teens will have on-screen reference which gives them the right to read their own words and the other party’s words. This feature can make them sure about what did they say before. For example, it is easier to remember someone’s earlier speech, because nothing will disappear from the…show more content…
When discussion requires direct meeting, teens need be more gentle and courteous in some cases, while text chatting appears the real character of the person. Regarding get rid of the full attention, texting allow to carry out several actions while the conversation still going in his right path, such as listing to music or eating dinner (Uitterhoeve, 2007). Whatever you do behind the screen will not bother the person who chat with because that is not important for him to know, he just care about what you write. In terms of feeling free from body language, “93% of communication is non-verbal, through eye contact, voice tone, rate of speech and all around body language” (Sevilla, n.d.). However, texting is not ask for these things, all you need to focus on are the words that you wrote on your screen, and nothing else matter (Sevilla, n.d.). In addition, sometimes we have to end the speech early or our voice tone become lower because of tiredness or any other reason and the other party does not understand our conditions, so he think that you feel bored because of him. Third feature of texting is limiting of unnecessary long conversation. It made communication much easier and faster in many ways by avoids annoying conversation and just saying a quick “Hello” (Villaines, 2012). For those who do not have an

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