Standardized Testing Argumentatory Essay

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In the United States, school is mandatory until a certain grade. However some parents, teachers, and students do not agree if students should take standardized tests. Standardized testing is a method in schools that is used to measure the amount of knowledge a student has. Whether a person agrees or disagrees with standardized tests, it is enforced that the students take these tests and the results determine their future. Standardized testing can help students in their future by letting them know their weaknesses and strengths in a certain subject. Sometimes the student can do the class work but have no understanding of what exactly they are doing. Also students can have good grades, but can lack essential skills for the future. For example, Melanie Holtsman mentions in “The Good in Standardized Testing,” that when she was a teacher, there was a young student of hers was doing well and did all her homework, but had problems reading grade-level texts(1-5). The student's parents had no way of knowing about this conflict…show more content…
Students are not living healthy social lives. Students are starting to get lack of sleep and their stress rises. Also, the amount of funds a school gets depends on how well the students do on standardized tests; forcing teachers to teach material only for the test rather than teaching to make the students understand actual necessary material. Today, whether the students test scores are high or low, people think that the teacher is responsible for the outcome and can be seen as effective if the results are low (Popham 1) Also forcing standardized testing cannot accurately evaluate the students because it does not factor other reasons on why the student would not do so well. The students can have personal or family conflicts that can affect how they score. Another factor that gets looked over is some students get anxiety before exams and cannot perform, but they know the

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