Rochester Manufacturering Corporation Case Study

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Rochester Manufacturering Corporation (RMC) is considering moving some of its production from traditional numerically controlled machine to a flexible manufacturing system (FMS). It's computer numerical control machines have been operating in a high variety, low volume manner. Issues 1. 1 . As a productions manager for R.M.C, what do you recommend? Why? 2. Prepare a case by a conservative plants manager for maintaining the status quo until the returns are more obvious. 3. Prepare a case for an optimistic sales manager that you should move ahead with the F.M.S now. Applicable Law 1. As a product manager for R.M.S you to run the manufacturer plant with efficiency safety as well as time restraint. To make shor that the product make fast all so safely on…show more content…
How does Wheeled Coach manage the task to be performed at each work station? Applicable Law 1. Then why most automated companies do not Bill ambulance it's because of the time Consuming restraints on assembling of the vehicles. It takes approximately seven days per vehicle to do a partial wiring a complete wiring It takes 4 days for paint job It takes another.Initial assembling wiring Is done it's only 20 and less is that roll off of the assembly line every week. 2. There is no room for improvement nor stream lining the current process that Wheeled Coach uses. The currently using cells in order to assumable of there custom products with a week turn around for the vehicle. They have department unit to each individual step of the vehicle, and the times of assembly for each vehicle is based on the departments time but each item to be installed or to be sprayed. 3. The reason why work cells to the prepare module because the product is custom made Each individual cell has to clean a custom look Based on the work order that they have received and then after they have customize it is to go down to the assembly line in order to be set on the apparatus to finish the assembly of the

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