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A school lunch is a meal given to students at schools during the middle of the day. There are many controversies that surround the nutritional values, pricing, and other aspects of these lunches. Many different qualities of school lunches are served in different academic institutions while sometimes quantity and the balance of supply and demand can be challenging. Several foods are served in various parts of the world and some restrictions apply to these meals as well, however, they vary by country. One issue many school kitchens face is the delivery of good quality, inexpensive meals. Since some kids have allergies to certain foods, this may be a hard task to accomplish. Another question that must be asked is the content of these school lunches…show more content…
Menus at state schools vary depending on the region. Lunch is prepared on the premises and eaten in the classroom during the lunch break, with children expected to clean up afterwards. The local board of education says each meal for primary schoolchildren, or those aged six to twelve, contain about 650 calories. Among the dishes served in the past month were tofu stew, assorted vegetables, rice, miso soup, stewed devil's tongue with lotus root, frozen yogurt, and cartons of milk. Even at state schools, school meals are not free, though help is available to low-income families. Parents of children attending a primary school in the Tsujido district of Fujisawa pay about 30 dollars a month for just the food, about a third of the total cost, with the city government contributing the remaining two-thirds, for kitchen staff, utensils, gas and electricity, etc. Middle and high schools operate canteens, which serve anything from noodles to curry, but not burgers and chips. Other children take homemade bento lunch boxes, which typically contain cold rice balls, grilled meat or fish, pickles and simmered

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