School Lunches Research Paper

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In my past three years at Corcoran High School, I had many experiences about the school lunches. School lunches is doing a decent job because there are times where students will eat no matter what is on their school lunches, but sometimes, the food at the school is not enough, the food is too cold, or the food does not taste good. The biggest concern about the school lunch is that most of the time, it does not satisfy the students. Students will still be hungry and would want to have more but is unable to. What can we do to have everything settled to stop obesity? We could be able to serve what the students want and add something healthy on the same tray so both sides of the arguments can be done. Adding both sides of preventing obesity, or any food related problems can end for example, having a hamburger and fries, with a side of any vegetables or fruit that they want. Even if students are heating healthy, they still get hungry because some healthy food does not fill them up. Not all the time the students will eat what they want, the food can be nasty or smells terrible. The lunches are lacking on flexibility. The flexibility of the school lunches need a food with a good amount of calories.…show more content…
No matter what, if a person is eating a little, or a lot of food, can easily be lazy and want to go to sleep. But it can also have your blood flowing through your body if you keep moving around. In the article of If You Pitch It, They Will Eat It, it explains on what fast food restaurant do. They use advertisements to lure children and having them buy food with a lot of calories. Calories is a major part of this situation, due to the fact that both healthy and unhealthy food do hold a lot of calories in one tray, but it should balance your body and keep you feeling

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