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Chris McCandless has been a very inspirational person to many people. No not everyone has this same perspective but I would say that there is a majority of people who admire what Chris McCandless has done. I know that I wouldn’t be able to survive the way that McCandless did, to be honest I would have given up the first couple of days. I wouldn’t have even donated all of my money to charity because I would have used all of that money to survive on my trip. But, we are talking about Chris McCandless of course. Yes, there are many others who have done what McCandless did some successful and others unsuccessful like him. Even if this is so, his story is different in many ways. He actually impacted the lives of many and was well known for it after his sad death. In my opinion I say that McCandless’s story should still be conversing about him. I believe so because many may be touched by what he did. He left society behind including his family to find his true self, to find what he really wanted in life. By being able to let go of everything in your life it takes a lot of courage something that most do not have. McCandless teaches the world that you should not live your life without what you want. You have to look for what it is that you think your purpose is to be here. Yes it may be hard to…show more content…
This is not because they think that he made a dumb decision to go off into the wilderness without any experience. But I believe that those who do not like his story it is because they are not open minded. They keep there minds and do not try to understand why it is that Chris left his life behind the way that he did. If they were to be open minded then they would understand that Chris just wanted to find himself. He wanted to find his purpose in life. Yes, there are better ways to find your purpose in life but not everyone does this the same. Everyone has there own way of finding out who they really

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