Brian's Fear As An Example Of Catastropobia

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Brian fears many things out in the wild in Canada. Fear is so powerful that it can not only motivate someone but it can also paralyze them. Fear is known to be a negative way to motivate someone or something. There are hundreds of different common phobias and fears around the world. Phobia is an extreme fear. Brian fears a lot of things in the wild but there are some fears that motivates Brian more than others. One of the fear is the tornado which is an example of an catastrophobia. Catastrophobia is the fear of disaster and/or catastrophe. “The tornado tore one more time at the shore on the opposite side of the lake ... back to where I was when I crashed. Hurt, in the dark, just the same.” (Paulsen, 1987, p. 57). When Brian saw the tornado, he tries to run away but the tornado crashes everything before he can do anything. His fire, shelter, beds and his tools have been destroyed. Brian has been whipped against his wall of his shelter. However, he didn’t lose hope. Instead he builds his shelter, fire, beds and tools again. This is an example of a fear when he loses his belongings.…show more content…
Brian fears that he has been ignored which could be an example of Athazagoraphobia. Athazagoraphobia is the fear of being ignored and forgotten. “But it kept moving away until he could not hear it even in his imagination, in his soul. Gone...he knew then that he would not get out of this place. Not now, not ever” (Paulsen, 1987, p. 44). When the plane flies over Brian’s head, he has no more hope being rescued. He is sure it was a rescue plane. Although, he doesn’t have any more hope, he doesn’t give up his life in the wild. Instead of being depressed, he goes on and searches for foolbirds which are Ruffed Grouses to eat. Even though he fears being ignored and forgotten, he goes on easily and it changes his attitude a lot. This is an example of losing his

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