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Dangers of School Lunches School lunches in the past have changed in the way the meals were prepared. Lunches in the 1900's were developed and carefully calculated to ensure the students' were getting the correct amount of calories to maximize their learning abilities. Today you can find vending machines in schools, the lunches that is served is nutrient dense and filled with chemicals and is not well planned out as it was back in the 1900's. The chemicals and growth hormones that are in our food today is one of the leading cause of inflammation in our bodies and obesity among our children. School lunches in particular is unhealthy because the food is processed, the calorie content is too high, and it lacks fresh Fruits and vegetables. School lunches are processed which is one of the…show more content…
For starters the drinks are loaded with sugar, which is very bad because compared to the drinks and the food, the students are already getting their whole daily value of calories. Many of the processed foods in school lunches are fried and breaded, it is terrible because fried and breaded foods have many effects such as clog arteries and lead to strokes and most fried foods have canola oil in it and canola oil rejects cells of oxygen which can eventually lead to cancer. Corn oil is breading on almost everything and it contains pesticides. These days schools sell the students junk food during lunch. Honestly, they are either ignorant to the facts of junk food or they just do not care about the students. Either way it goes junk food should be limited due to the fact that the students are already getting a lot of calories. Junk food causes things like increase your risk of having a stroke, make you gain weight, gives you tooth decay, and causes gastrointestinal problems. This is another reason why students are obese. the problem was never the lunches, it was the junk food that the students consumed throughout the

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