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The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, leader of Austria-Hungary, was unjustified in the eyes of most people because of political and ethical disagreements. The reasons for his assassination were weak in comparison to why many high powered leaders are assassinated. Archduke Ferdinand may not have been the strongest leader, but he certainly wasn’t doing any terrible acts that would justify his assassination. Archduke Ferdinand was the leader of Austria-Hungary. The people of his country didn’t like him because he wasn’t as strict as his cousin, the leader before him. He came into power after his cousin, Archduke Josef Ferdinand, committed suicide. As a leader, he focused on issues that were not popular. He was interested in minority…show more content…
He grew up in a poor family and was not very wealthy as an adult either. He became involved in a group called The Black Hand, a secret underground group of assassins that were located in Serbia.The Black Hand took Gavrilo in at an early age and taught him the ways to be an assassin. The Black Hand sent six Serb assassins to go and kill Archduke Ferdinand. Archduke Ferdinand did not deserve to be assassinated; he was not a bad leader and did not kill people from his countries or others. Gavrilo Princip assassinated him because he wanted to bring his country, Serbia, and Austria-Hungary closer. Gavrilo thought that the government of Austria-Hungary was preventing the alliance, or friendship, of the two nations. The two countries were annexed and The black hand wanted to unify the two annexed countries. Assassinating a country’s leader is not the best way to become friends with them. This assassination was obviously unjustified because Gavrilo Princip had no great reason to kill him, archduke didn’t bomb any towers or kill a whole bunch of people he was just trying to lead his country forward so they could be a powerful and stable

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