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Hangry: Being Hungry and Angry At the Same Time Have you ever eaten school lunch and felt like you needed another 10 minutes to eat all of your food? Students need more time to eat their lunches because it would benefit them and the school in many ways. Students don’t have enough time to eat lunch at school. Longer lunches benefit students academically and in attendance. A healthier lunch is beneficial when teamed with longer lunch. Students don't have enough time to eat their lunch with the time given. Students complained that long lunch lines make students devour their lunches in attempt to make it back to class on time (Nye 3). Some students get on the bus around 6 AM and don't get to eat lunch until after noon which makes their focus dwindle (Nye 3). If students have short lunches they will most likely end up eating their food too quickly, eating nothing at all, or eating fast food or vending machine snacks (Nutrition). Students all over America are forced eat their food in an unhealthy amount of time.…show more content…
Lunch time should take at least 20 minutes for each student after they have been served their food according to the Center of Investigative Reporting. Seven out of 10 high schools and almost half of elementary schools do not make those requirements (Kennedy). “Switching to a 50 minute lunch was one of the most significant factors in our school’s progress toward instructional reform” (Nye). Information given from families showed that children gained in areas of concentration, behavior, learning, and academic performance after longer lunches took effect (Golley). After longer lunches were introduced average academic achievement results in English and Science and a decrease in absences (Golley). Longer lunches help kids stay focused because of the longer break which makes kids more attentive in class. Therefore, students get better

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