Who Is David Flincher's Use Of Consumerism In Fight Club

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‘We are consumers…byproduct of a lifestyle obsession’ (Fight club 1999). The society we live in today is drowned in a consumer culture. Status and identities are bound up by what is owned. Introduction In this regard, the 1999 Film, ‘Fight Club’ directed by David Flincher clearly reacts to the notion of consumerism and the consumer society using profound and resourceful characters such as the Narrator, Tyler Durden and Bob played by Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Meat Loaf respectively. Also, the film, Fight Club attributes its exposure to this consumer culture through the insightful use of various symbols like the narrator’s condo, his insomnia, the support group (Remaining Men Together), the Fight club and soap. The beginning of the film…show more content…
The narrator describes himself like so many others, as a slave to what he entitles, ‘the Ikea nesting instinct’ (Fight club 1999). The narrator is absorbed by the need to posses items that everything in his condo; from his furniture to the appliances to cups and plates, he had a compulsion to purchase. He evidently says thus; ‘if I saw something clever, like a little coffee table in the shape of a ying yang. I had to have it’. The narrator becomes ultimately entranced in his possession that he defines himself by it. This implies the loss of man true identity in a consumerist society. His identity now depends on his materialistic possessions (Scanlon & Schwarz, N.D). ‘I’d flip through catalogs and wonder, what kind of dining set defines me as a person?’ (Fight club 1999). It is of this cause that

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