An Analysis Of Adeline Yen Mah's Chinese Cinderella

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The author, Adeline Yen Mah, was an unwanted daughter who was treated unfairly. Her parents tell her that is trash, but she proved them wrong with these achievements in her childhood. Adeline becomes class president in Shanghai with the help of Wu Chun Mei. Aunt Baba and YeYe treat her fairly when no one else in her family does. When she is in the Sacred Heart Orphanage, she wins the international playwriting competition with her play Gone With the Locusts. The novel, Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, Adeline had to work hard to become class president, especially with hard conditions. “ Though my parents tell me I'm worthless, I've proved the, wrong! Of all the girls in my class, they have chosen me to become president.” (Yen Mah 112) Even though her family treats her like trash, she can still accomplish something great. She deserved to be class president because she was leading the class in all subjects except art. Adaline also said, “ The results were close, but in the end it was really Wu Chun-Mei who won the election for me.” (Yen Mah 111) Adaline won the election but Wu Chun-Mei helped an immense…show more content…
When she was in kindergarten, Adaline said, “Aunt Baba placed my certificate under her jewelry and diamonds, like as if my award were also some precious jewel. Impossible to replace.”(Yen Mah 2) She is treated very fairly by Aunt Baba in many ways such as putting Adaline’s certificate in her safety deposit box. Adaline also said when coming home from Tianjin, “ YeYe’s voice was full of love , bringing back suppressed memories of home and Shanghai and Aunt Baba.” (Yen Msh 147) When YeYe spoke, his voice reminded her of all of the good times in Shanghai and before that in Tianjin. Adeline's family does not treat her fairly, except for YeYe and Aunt Baba. who overall believes she has

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