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Make up and Dress Code in Education Most of the schools in the country have a strict make up and dress code in order to provide an effective learning environment. However, there is no concluding research on whether these rules are an advantage. While some of the participants of the educative system feel like the codes help to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment, others believe that the individuality and freedom of expression are taken away from the students. This essay examines the reasons why dress code do not influence education and some of the benefits that are associated with it. One of the positive aspects of make-up and dress code is that it promotes a more serious school atmosphere, where students concentrate on learning…show more content…
The sense of community does not indicate that people is identical, but that they belong to a same place. Uniforms work by promoting a sense of community, allowing troubled students to feel part of a supportive whole (, 2015). When there are not obvious objects that differentiate students between each other, the coexistence can be at ease and the education can be effective. Some schools forbid wearing clothes that have a negative or aggressive message, or that are not appropriate for the students’ gender. Studies indicate that a school dress code can reduces the prevalence of certain behaviours, which are often expressed through wardrobe. A valid argument against uniforms here is the violence on banning students for who they are and their ideas. Schools are a place that not only teaches maths or science, but a place where social relations are taught. In this sense, tolerance should be promoted instead of prohibitions. The impression that uniforms take violence out of the equation, in cases with non-conformist or transgender students, might not be true. Forcing students to wear clothes according to what is socially acceptable for their physical gender can trigger some substantial issues in a long…show more content…
Some of the punishment for not following the dress code might be more harmful than a bad wardrobe choice. Sending students to their homes or the library because they are not dressed properly to attend a class will damage them more than wearing a short skirt or a rock band t-shirt. In addition, the amount of time teachers spend making sure that girls are not wearing too much make-up and the actions such as sending them to the bathroom or the inspector’s office creates a larger distraction and waste of time in a

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