Persuasive Essay On School Dress Codes

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The US has the 3rd highest rape crimes in the world. According to George Mason University, Worldwide Sexual Assault Statistics, 1 in 3 American women will be sexually abused during their lifetime. At some point in their life, most girls will encounter some trouble when it comes to dress codes. School dress codes are oppressive and influence rape culture. Girls get pulled from classes for having their shorts or skirts too short, pants to tights, a visible bra strap, or tank top straps to thin. These dress codes are often strictly enforced for the same main reason, it’s too distracting for the boys. This view is not only downright heterosexist, but it also reduces boys to sex fiends with no self control and then tells girls they are responsible…show more content…
These codes are almost always stricter on girls than boys. Girls are taken from their schools and often sent home because their attire does not follow these rules. By taking a girl out of school just because her outfit is “not appropriate” or “too distracting” you tell her that her education is not as important as it is for boys. Girls are taught to cover up because they cannot distract the boys but boys are not taught this. Boys are taught from a young age that it is okay if they cannot control themselves around girls. Plus, it has been noted by plenty that dress codes are less about banning specific clothes than they are about banning girls bodies. Studies indicate that a school dress code can minimize the prevalence of certain behaviors which are often demonstrated through wardrobe such as promiscuity but these dress codes are based around girls not boys. If people are going to encourage kids to be promiscuous then schools should choose a gender neutral option like uniforms that is aimed at all kids, not a strict dress code that is targeted at one gender. The rules on apparel are mainly targeted at girls, and dress code supporters argue that clothing creates a distraction to students, a claim targeted mainly at boys. This labels girls as the distractors and boys as the distracted. This sounds a lot like blaming the victim in rape by saying “the women was just too attractive or revealing I couldn’t control

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