Should Dress Codes Be Allowed In School?

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Schools have always had dress codes, because they believe that it is professional to have one. However, they do not understand how greatly having a dress code causes pain to the students who have to abide by it. For example, it was my little sister’s first day of her junior year and she wore a dress that had spaghetti straps. The school rules said that girls were allowed to wear tops with spaghetti straps, just as long as their bra straps were not showing. Strangely, as soon as she walked through the front gate of the school the new principle dresscoded her, and she was sent to the office. Once, in the office she was withheld from class until either our parents brought her different clothes, or she changed into her gym clothes. The principle was taking away her time to learn in class just because he did not like what she was…show more content…
Sydney always wants to buy the clothes that she wants, just like every other person. Obviously, a majority of the clothes that she buys are going to be worn at school. With all of the rules and regulations about what clothes are allowed at school it makes it very difficult for Sydney to find clothes that she can wear to school, and our found appropriate for the school campus. Being told that she needs to wear something an oddly specific length, or needs to dress a certain way makes it difficult to buy clothes for herself. This situation tends to happen with boys as well. My little brother, Jakob, always liked to wear the shirts with girls in bikinis on them. Those types of shirts were very in style, and many other boys at the school were wearing shirts of the sort. However, the security guards who would administer dress code would only give it out to certain boys who wore the shirts. The dress code being random for the boys made it hard for my brother to decide if he could wear what he wanted to wear to

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