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Do you fight to get back to your family? Have you been trapped in one area for a long period of time? Is your life way different than everyone around you? That is Robie and Eli. Robie, from The raft by S.A. Bodeen, is a girl spending some time in hawaii. When she tries to go back home in a plane, it crashes. She gets out with nothing but the co-pilot, max, a raft, and a bag of Skittles. Eli from The Compound, also by S.A. Bodeen, is a boy who just lost his twin brother and grandma, while going into a compound for many years because of a bombing. He manages to find a way out, but his dad will not let him. He has to choose between freedom or family. This shows that Robie and Eli can overcome many challenges no matter how hard they are. The first…show more content…
One example of this is when Robie has to use all her strength to make it to the island, so she can set a signaling fire to reach her family. When she gets a lighter, it doesn't even work. She has to work so hard to get it so she can see her family again.This shows that she will do whatever it takes to get back to her family. She overcomes this by setting a signaling fire with every last ounce of her strength. She tries to do her best even if it means dying along the way, she still has to try. Eli overcomes a huge challenge by finding a way out of the compound, but he can either go out and have his freedom or save Lucas from his dad who is trying to hurt him and his whole family. Even though Eli might have to stay in the compound for many more years, he would still have Lucas with him. This explains that, Eli could have chose his freedom but was strong enough to get both. He at first helped lucas, than later, he went out with the whole family, to freedom together. This shows Eli has to save his family while Robie has to get back to her family. As you can see, Robie and Eli can overcome any challenge that is thrown their

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