It's Time To Violate Dress Codes In Schools

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Dress codes are used throughout many school worldwide. Although it is a widely practiced rule in schools, and people are bringing up concerns on whether or not dress codes are something positive, and should remain in schools. Dress codes are something I disagree with, they can hinder one of the ways a child can express themselves, through clothes. Not only this but dress codes consistently target women, this creates a biased environment for girls in schools; and generally these girls are called out violating a dress code rule because they were “distracting “to their peers. This rule of being too “distracting” creates a mindset that women are viewed as only sexual object. This is why I disagree with dress codes. First of all, Dress codes can disrupt a student’s learning in class; for example, a teen in Ontario names Cynthia Hazelwood, was sent home on a 24 hour suspension for wearing a skirt that as just above the knee and a tank top with wide shoulder straps. She…show more content…
Their website reads “Spaghetti straps, tube tops and halter tops are prohibited”, all of the clothes named are female oriented none of the clothing pieces are “meant” for males. These rules are made because the school believes seeing a girls back is a sexual distraction. These rules are an example of how a female can’t dress comfortably without being provocative; and how females cannot dress to express their individuality. Yes, dress codes are set in place for students to practice abiding by rules, and yes, if dress codes were removed from all schools some may take advantage of this; but we as a society have taught this behaviour of seeing women and girls to be viewed as only sexual objects. We done have to suppress a child’s way to express themselves if we can teach kids at a young age when it is appropriate or inappropriate to wear certain

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