Dress Code Controversy In School

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Dress Code Controversy Dress code, the customary style of dress of a specific group. A restriction of what to wear is not fair, and is a really big deal in schools today. Kids at school should have the right to express themselves in whatever clothes they choose to wear. Many children get in trouble because they refuse to change. Elimination or revision of the student dress code would remove morning madness when choosing the appropriate outfit to wear. When having a dress code it limits your creativity and style. School administrators do not think about limiting creativity; they feel it is more about protection. “On the other hand, the school staff uses dress code as a form of protection, and conformity.” (Weebly) If the students are comfortable wearing with what they are wearing then the students and…show more content…
If they actually got a chance to prove to the teachers, they could see that the students know what is appropriate and inappropriate. “A student's dress should show respect for themselves and others and shall not be permitted to disrupt the teaching and learning environment.” (Blountstown High School) A child is not going to disrespect themselves in the clothes they were. If the parents say it is okay and is not disrupting the the outfit is fine. Similarly, dress code applies more to the girls then boys. Girls have more of a variety then guys do when it comes to clothes. Females have all different types of shirts and bottoms, so do guys but they could not really get dress coded for it. “Many female students find that view very offensive. They see high school dress codes as singling them out and promoting the nation that a woman's appearance is solely a distraction for males.” (Halkidis) The school is more concerned about guys paying attention to the girls other than education. Dress code is not for protection or to prevent violence, it is really to keep the girls covered up so the guys

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