Tinora High School Dress Code

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Someone can express themself, identify with a cause or group, express interests, and feel more confident with the clothing they choose to wear. The clothing that people select sets first impressions and showcases one as an individual. Sadly, many girls across the country are unfairly limited as to what they can wear to school. Tinora high school is one culprit of having a sexist dress code and should change their dress code policies to be fair to girls. Girls are sent home or are forced to leave class because of their clothing options. This takes away from their class time and education. The reason being, they are said to be a distraction. It is wrong to send a girl out of the room because other people feel the need to sexualize her. A girl's body is not inherently sexual. If someone cannot keep their eyes forward, that is their problem, not the girl's.…show more content…
During the Summer, girls search through store after store to find enough shorts to wear through the year. Multiple popular clothing companies have few shorts that meet school requirements. For boys, almost all of the shorts that they can buy are below their knees. The dress code should be reasonable for the selection that girls have to choose from. Colleges do not have a dress code, so high schools should not have one either. The purpose of high school is to prepare us for college, and in college, they do not control the way that students dress. High school students are expected to behave as young adults and take on many of the same responsibilities that adults have, so we should have the privileges of being a young adult. Adults have the right to dress the way that they choose, and so should

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