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School Clubs • National Honor Society: I have been a member since my junior year, and I am currently the Corresponding Secretary. My job is to notify all members of upcoming events and meetings, as well as opportunities for service and due dates. • Women of Tomorrow: I have been a mentee since my sophomore year. Various women, that are successful in their careers, visit us once a month and mentor us about their careers and how they’ve reached this current point in their life. Every year in March, the organization puts on a gala at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami, where they raise money for scholarships for seniors. I have volunteered at the event every year since I have been a member. • Book Club: I joined as a regular member my sophomore year, and have been a part of the club since. My passion’s and hobbies are reading and writing, so I enjoy learning about different genres, and having authors visit the school and speak about their career. • Step Team: I was a member on the team my sophomore year. I performed during Spirit Week that year, and at the first annual Winter Talent Show. Community Service • Gateway Food Service: This is a weekly food service organized by the Royal Palm Christian Church. I have been volunteering there since the summer before by sophomore year. I normally bag the fruits and vegetables selected by the people who…show more content…
My mother is one of the registered nurses in the unit, and has worked at there for a little over 10 years. I have helped with the NICU reunion, which was a picnic-event that invited children born in the unit within the last five years and their parents, to come and attend. It allowed the staff to see how well the children have grown, and the parents to see the nurses that took care of them. I aided at the event by signing in the attendees, and making identification-stickers for them to

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