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Science has always been a miracle to me since my childhood. The growing technological advances in the field of science have opened up growth opportunities in newer dimensions. To succeed in the revolutionary workplace of tomorrow, one has to have perfect combination of theory and practical knowledge. I regard myself fortunate to have the opportunity for pursuing post-graduation in Biochemistry. As my undergraduate education draws to a close, I have come to what is possibly the most important decision in my career, the choice of university to graduate from and subject of specialization. My decision to pursue graduate study has been motivated by my eventual objective of meaningful research in the field of Biochemistry. My constant urge to learn and explore and to keep pace with the fast growing advancements of the world has created a sparkling interest in me for postgraduate study. The studies and research in Biochemistry is an important tool which helps in improvement of life. I am confident that I possess the required background, knowledge and aptitude for pursuing education in Biochemistry at your esteemed university. Bearing in mind my constant urge to learn this subject, my capabilities and academic background, objectives and interest in research, I have decided to pursue postgraduate studies in Biochemistry.…show more content…
The excellent faculty and good research facilities at your university influenced me in choosing it for my post-graduation education. I strongly feel that your university is the right place to embark on an academic journey into the depths of biochemistry. I am confident that I will be able to meet the standards of the university and contribute towards development and research in the concerned departments along with learning from the academically challenging environment of your

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