Darris Narrative

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Darris looked at Tank and nodded. On the walk home back to their apartments and they relived the highlights of the game, every swat, swish, and dunk. They walked into the building and went to the elevator and as soon as the steel doors open the brothers went back to their apartment. Darris was on his way to his apartment, until a old friend stopped him. His old friend Josh yelled, “ Hey D!” “What’s good Josh!” yelled Darris. “ Josh was six foot and had a small mustache. He had fade with a part on the side of his head. He was a skinny man that wasn’t like an athlete and he kept a smirk with two beady eyes that look like he was always up to something.”Hey man,” Josh said,” lemme holla you for a second I got a problem. I just found out that my…show more content…
You down?” Darris looked unsure but thought what were the odds of Josh and him losing to one man. “ Yea I’m down said Darris. They left the building and went back onto the streets of Brooklyn. The walked about five blocks until they were at the man’s house. “This is the crib ‘D,’ you ready?” Darris nodded. Josh and Darris knocked on the door with anger. A voice said come in. Josh yelled, “ Where you and this ugly brother at?” “Right here,”yelled behind Josh. Darris and Josh turned around to find the man they were looking for with his crew. He was very tall and he wore a leather jacket. He was bald with a berard and had a scar on his cheek. He looked at Darris and Josh with intense hatred. At this moment Darris and Josh knew that they were not going to be able to win this fight. They busted out the door and sprinted as fast as they could out the door. The crew started to chase them for a few blocks until they got tired, Darris and Josh kept running. With sweat dripping down their heads and the back of their shirts soaked with sweat, they got back to the apartment buildings. Darris yelled at Josh, “ I thought you said he was the only one there!” “ Yea, didn’t know there would be that many,” answered

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