Unit 3 Assignment 1: Installing Eblaster In Business

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In situation 4, it is mentioned that some of the internet’s biggest companies implemented a single sign on system that allows users to sign on to a number of websites without having to remember multiple user IDs [4]. The problem for this situation is the fact that users share personal information such as credit cards, billing addresses, and personal preferences. This is a huge challenge during this modern time in which users are part of a virtual team and have tons of information out there available for anybody to see. It is a huge threat in crucial accessibility, property, and privacy information for the user. By having all this information out there on the internet, any hacker or thief can access this information and use it for their advantage.…show more content…
It tracks every single keystroke entered into a computer, records every email sent and received, and records every website the user visits [4]. Installing eBlaster on business computers to ensure that its employees are engaged in only work-related activities is quite an interesting subject. It would be acceptable to install eBlaster on business computers as long as the privacy rights of the employees are saved. Employees will need to be notified of the software installation and give consent to participate in such strict workplace environment before receiving employment. Employees will give consent as long as they are able to manage their privacy appropriately. In the other hand, as a manager, it is important to realize that employees will not be working 100% of the time. Employees will have several hours a week in which there is no work to be performed. It is management’s responsibilities to create a trustworthy infrastructure in their organization. Management has to create a culture in which employees are engaged to complete appointed tasks, and have the ability to relax when there are no tasks needed to be completed. The culture will be based upon trust and giving the employees freedom of not being micro-managed. Along with the culture, companies will need to use VPN modems, monitor and block websites in order to protect their property and be…show more content…
It should be considered a privacy ethical issue due to the fact that Google is tracking every move a user makes and uses it to their advantage. Google monitors the privacy of the user, which can be dangerous if any information is leaked out to an unauthorized user. If users were aware of the approach google is taking, they can avoid using Google’s application and using the competition. Users could also establish a security firewall on their phone in order to prevent the violation of the user’s privacy rights. This challenge, could also affect businesses if they rely on google applications. Businesses could experience sensitive data to be obtained by some other company or intruder. Therefore businesses should also try to protect their information as it is part of their property and could receive severe damage if the information is

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