Qualitative Approach

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Qualitative Approach Guiding Research Question This study intends to focus on the instructional leadership actions of the superintendent and how they impact or influence student achievement, graduation rates, and dropout rates. In other words, how does the superintendent design and create a system that improves student achievement and success? What processes, procedures, and framework does a superintendent implement that positively contributes to student achievement and success? Assumptions This study is based on the assumption that district level leadership has an impact on student success. The superintendent, as the instructional leader of the district, has an indirect impact or influence on student achievement, graduation rates, and dropout…show more content…
It is important for me to acknowledge and be cognizant that my experience may not be representative of others’ experience. Further, having been employed in the same district for 23 years, I have a very narrow perspective on how different school districts operate. I am seeking to understand how leadership at the district level influences student achievement and success. My background experience and knowledge will be helpful in understanding the context of others’ experiences, but I must be mindful not to impose my personal experiences and biases into the…show more content…
The questions will be open ended, yet also focused enough to ensure data gathered will be relevant to the research question. Interviews will be audiotaped and then transcribed by me. I will utilize the process of “memoing” after each interview to help me understand and organize my thoughts on each participant. Writing memos, according to Maxwell (2013), is “one of the most important techniques you have for developing your ideas” (p. 20). Additional information regarding the district’s demographics, student achievement, graduation rates and dropout rates will be obtained from the Montana Office of Public Instruction website. Participants will be contacted via phone and email during November 2015 and asked to participate in the study. Phone interviews may be conducted if necessary, but reasonable efforts will be made to meet with participants in person. The interviews are anticipated to last about 30 minutes each. Confidentiality will be maintained by masking the data through the use of generic names. Data will be stored and backed up in a secure

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