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Lydia Kunz English 11 Mrs. Blomme 10 December 2014 Amy tan research paper Amy Tan grew up in a very traditional Chinese family. Even though she didn’t grow up in China, her childhood was full of many experiences that a normal Chinese child would grow up with. Throughout her life her mother’s expectations and her experiences molded her writing style and her stories. Amy Tans writing style reflects her experiences growing up in a strict Chinese household. Amy Tan was born in Oakland California on February 19, 1952 both parents were chinese immigrants. Being in a strict chinese family caused her mom to want her to be a Prodige and thats how she wrote her stories Two Kinds. At six Amy's father and older brother both died of a brain tumor within a year of each other. Then Amy's mother moved her children…show more content…
Amy majored in english at San Jose State in California and finally at the age of 37 years old Amy wrote her first book called The Joy Luck Club . joy luck club is based on a chinese immigrant that start a club and play games and worry about be killed for leaving china. The factor that lead to Amy’s writing was the she had a lot of expectations during her early life. Amy’s mom wanted her daughter to be a prodigy of music. Amy wanted to be a writer. After college, Amy started her career as an technical writer and then turned into a fictional writer.Amy lost her dad and brother to a brain tumor. Amy's mother had a lot of expectations for her when Amy was little she wanted Amy to be a prodigy. Amys mom wanted the best for her daughter she wanted her to be more than a writer and this tended to cause a lot of friction between mother and daughter. Amys mom was every disappointed in her that she didn't look up to her mother's expectations all amys mom wanted is for her to be the best..

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