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Geology was revolutionised by the theory of plate tectonics only a century ago; this highlights to me what an exciting discipline geology is, with certainly many more discoveries still to be made. My interest in the planet and sciences developed at GCSE, where I was introduced to areas of physical geography: plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanology, and also the part that geologists play in solving challenging environmental problems. I am intrigued by Geology, dedicating my extracurricular time to reading further into the subject. Recently I have enjoyed reading ‘the hidden landscapes’ by Richard Fortey, and the descriptions of national geological features such as the Moine Thrust, allowing me to delve much deeper into the fascinating geology of Britain. Geography has particularly sparked my interest in the subject, in addition to providing me with analytical skills it has given me an…show more content…
For example, a core aspects of studying psychology is research methods, where I have explored the methods that are used to conduct studies and the problems associated with each. I have considered how to analyse articles, how to identify valid sources of data and how to write a research paper. I believe these to be key skills in not just psychology but many scientifically related subjects. The application of ICT within the field of geology has become increasingly more frequent as it allows for the easy manipulation of information and data. I believe studying A level ICT will give me a very individual set of skills that can be applied in many different aspects of Geology, for example Volcanologists use a range of different tools, including technology that; detects and records earthquakes e.g seismographs, detects and measures volcanic gases e.g COSPEC, examines how much lava is moving

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