Safety In School Shootings

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According to the Markel Insurance, "the purpose of safety statements is to prevent human and economic loss". School shootings have become an epidemic in America today. With gun laws being so irrelevant and everyday more shootings happening I have taken this step to try and develop new policies that will ensure the safety of our students and staff. It seems as though the safety laws that are being used today in schools are not beneficial and are not keeping our kids safe. U.S. News reported back in 2014 “there were at least 24 school shootings in the 2012-13 school year”. U.S. News also reported that “throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s, there were never more than nine school shootings in a school year”. With the recent shooting that has taken place in Florida, students are now going on strike because they are scared to go to school. Installing metal detectors in the entrances to the schools, all schools being required to have a on duty resource officer, and to have cameras all around the school and keep them watching. With these policies I hope to see a decrease in school violence and increase in school safety. New Policies So in response of this horrific shooting there has been an outcry of people challenging schools to do something different…show more content…
A big thing I'm going to make known is that drills will be placed to keep these kids safe. Drills will be practiced every two months. These drills will consist of what to do and where to go if this tragic event ever occurred at our school. These drills will be enforced to prepare these kids in how to act and where and what to go and do. This will also be taking a big step into safety because some schools don't have a specific way to go in a scenario of a school shooting. The kids in the United States don't know what to do because they're kids and they shouldn't have to know these things. But these procedures will help these

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