Acquirin Arming Teachers

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“The vast majority of teachers want to be armed with textbooks and computers, not guns,” said Kenneth S. Trump. Bang bang, you’re dead! There have been approximately 387 school shootings since 1992 all resulting in one or more fatalities. Gun control in school ought to be handed to security rather than the teacher. Providing teachers with armed weapons for protection will both increase the chance of bloodshed and fatalities. Therefore Arming teachers can have many disadvantages, for example, not all teachers may be fit to carry an armed weapon, the firearm may end up in a child’s possession, and the only way to truly protect kids from school shooting is stricter gun control laws. Not everyone is both physically and psychologically fit to carry a concealed weapon, poor judgment can lead to another tragedy in America. Some teachers may use this excess power to assert dominance; it only takes a single heated squabble with a student to become lethal. The risk of students overpowering the teacher and taking the weapon can also come into play. Granting teachers this higher power can lead to a tremendous amount of pressure therefore it lowers the safety of the students. Concealed carry applications requirements and background checks do not prevent dangerous people from…show more content…
Furthermore the chance of a teacher’s student using the gun is a heavy risk to take, especially if the student knows his/her teacher carries a firearm. If every teacher had a gun, there would be an unnecessarily large number of guns in school; consequently this large number of guns could lead to accidental shootings, especially those involving younger children who do not have much gun knowledge. Arming teachers motivate higher possibilities of a child or teens getting hold of a gun leading to another gun

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