Why Do We Commit School Shootings?

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According to statistics, there have been approximately 74 school shootings in the last eighteen months. The real question we should be asking ourselves is why does this keep happening? Why do the teens that commit the shootings feel so hateful towards their peers? Why do they take innocent lives and at times, their own? When students went to school on April 20 of 1999, they did not think of it any differently than any other day. However, for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold they decided to commit one of the most severe and well-known school shootings by a student. They had created a bomb to place in the lunchroom and waited for the time to come when it would explode. However, their plan failed due to the incorrect way the bomb was made. When they had realized this mistake, they decided to proceed with the shooting.…show more content…
They paraded the halls for anyone that they saw as a target. By noon, there were thirteen students and three teachers dead, as well as twenty-three others wounded. The shooting ended when the boys went into the library and killed themselves. There are various theories as to why they committed the shooting, and most of them relate to the possibility of them being bullied resulting in a poor mental state. Also some have theories as to why they killed themselves. Some say that they realized what they had done and could not face the consequences, and others say that they truly were not happy with themselves. It is unclear how many other deaths would have occurred if the bomb would have detonated in the lunchroom. No one can go back and ask them why they did it, and no one can go back and try to stop them. This case was unfortunately the first of many school shootings to

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