Persuasive Essay On School Shootings

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School shootings are happening all over the country at an alarming rate. School security is the main reason why these kept happening. Many people feel like their school has good security but there is always a better one on the market. There is many more security systems that are better, they are more expensive but we have to be willing to spend the money to stay safe. Safety should be the main priority for schools. To stop people from coming into the school, we have to have something at the gate. In order to increase safety, schools should initiate security at entrances. School shootings have been happening more often by the decade and people feel threatened to go to school because of the fear of a shooting. From 1760- 1900 there were 25 school shootings and from 1990- 2014 there were 190 school shootings, a jaw dropping increase (Duplechain and Morris 145). When sending kids to school, many parents are terrified to even send them because of all the shootings. Many people all over the world have been greatly affected by school shootings. People are dying because of shootings and we have to stop this nonsense. In order to stop some of these shootings from happening is we should ask about the security system when we are considering what school or what…show more content…
In 2014, schools and universities spent a grand total of $768 million on security ( Abramasky 20). Yes, school security is very expensive, but it is in the best interest for everyone if it is the safest. The most safe school in America is Southwestern High School in Shelbyville Indiana and their security system costed $400,000 ( Abramasky 20). That is a very expensive system but they know that their top priority is to keep the kids safe and that is what they are going for. The security is not just a few cameras or a fence, but many things need to come together to have the best system on the

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