Persuasive Essay On School Safety

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The issue of school safety has become a controversial topic in the united states, due to tragic acts of violence occurring lately. When a school shooting occurs, who should really put the blame on, the teacher, the students, or the staff working in the school to make it a safe place. We don’t realize how many people are involved in the shooting of police officers to FBI agents who try to ensure the safety of the students every day, but if such problem becomes big enough without solution and get to the FBI that mean the school is doing something wrong. It is the school responsibility to make sure that students inside the building are safe and that they don’t carry any type of weapon that could potentially harm anyone, if the school can’t do it that mean they need to increase the safety measures within the building. When entering any school the first thing you would realize is the staff around each corner and you might also see one or two police officers, that as much as the it get inside the building, most school now days have doors that doesn’t open from…show more content…
School safety: a shared responsibility (source c). Parents are also affected by that because they don’t realize that their child is carrying a weapon with them or that their child is acting weird lately, they don’t realize that by ignoring it, that is causing harm for the people around them. After the parents the neighbor come in place as they are allowing someone to walk around with a weapon without telling anyone who can arrest them or at least talk to them to make sure that they are not mentally ill, or they don’t tend to hurt someone. After the neighbor it returns to the school to make sure of the visitors who are entering the school and to make sure that no one have the courage to just shoot around or inside the

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