Cowen's Role In Development

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Introduction Development according to Cowen is seen as a process of enlarging people’s choices; of enhancing participatory democratic processes and the ability of people to have a say in the decisions that shape their lives; of providing human beings with the opportunity to develop their fullest potential; of enabling the poor, women, and free independent peasants to organise for themselves and work together. Development is also demarcated as the means to carry out a nation’s development goals and of promoting economic growth, equity and national self-reliance. Another theorist (Mafeje 1978) says that development is the adaptive and expanding capacity of society to satisfy the changing and increasing need of its members be it material or cultural.…show more content…
The state is also seen as the independent institution of special importance in driving development in the developing world. The state is also seen as a catalyst and initiator of growth and development in the developing world. However Karl Marx and Marxist’s regard the state as an extension of the international capital elite not independent. The state is an autonomous product of conflicting interests and power struggles and a manifestation of structures that sets its own foundations. The following assignment will examine the role of the state in the development or under development of a country that which it is responsible for, using neoliberal theories, the Keynesian model of economic growth and structural adjustment…show more content…
These economists saw the society as a sum of individuals that act out of self-interests where they think about maximisation. They saw the market place as a place full of consumers, business firms and workers and thus believe that when the agents of the market place act out of self-interest they will create a supply and demand cycle and in the end when the demand is equal to the supply, equilibrium will be reached. In the 1970s neoliberalism defined was a belief that nations should pursue economic policies based on neo classical economists. Neoliberalism replaced modernisation theory as the official approach to development in the 1980s. It focuses on economic policies and institutions which are seen as holding back development because they limit the free market. Neoliberalism is closely linked with globalization and it is a model that is based on elevating the market forces over the

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