Argumentative Essay On Refugees

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I [Edison] is the promoter of this petition PETITION To the members of the Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany. We the undersigned appeal that the German government should further restrict the number of the asylum immigrants. According to a recent report, more and more migrants have arrived in Germany, adding pressure to the current asylum centers. Fights have already taken place in the asylum centers between people of different ethnic or religious groups. Most of those trouble makers are Syrian, which turned out to be the world’s top source country of refugees. These asylums are soon going to be allowed to bring their family in, however the capacity of those centers has already been exceed. The local government has no choice but…show more content…
Back then the task was to let that which belongs together grow together, as Willy Brandt, a former chancellor, famously said. While today’s challenge is greater because “what should now grow together has so far not belonged together.” We worry whether Muslim refugees will accept German norms of sexual equality, secularism and Germany’s special responsibility towards Israel and Jews. As the concern it shows above, more aftermath of this movement should not be neglected. Since the policy has been implemented, there are already a lot of immigrants. Therefore, we humbly call the local authorities for taking their responsibility to manage their refugees and suppress their interior dispute by continuing providing humanitarian aid and enforcing the guarding. These actions may stall time for the government to seek for a solution to this issue. Actually, the basic reason is the suspension of the European asylum rules. Without the rules, thousands more refugees will keep pouring in. It is clear that uncontrolled immigration places pressure on public services, the labor market and wages. More importantly, the most serious pressure points have been at some of the boundaries where the number of illegal attempts increased

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