Argumentative Essay On School Shooting

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Introduction The safety of students has been impaired. Individuals come onto a supposedly “safe” learning environment and violate the safety of students. School shooters tend to mention their plans to others; thus, giving an opportunity for others to intervene in their plans. Although these murderers do speak up, they are not taken seriously. They normally, fail to obtain the attention needed because they have spoken of those “crazy” things beforehand but never followed through. Not until it is far too late that they actually receive the attention necessary for their “crazy talk.” School shootings normally occur in rural schools rather than schools located in big cities. The reason behind this is because students who do shoot schools are…show more content…
“At the time, the massacre was the worst high school shooting in U.S. history and prompted a national debate on in control and school safety, as well as a major investigation to determine what motivated the gunmen” ( This massacre was labeled as the worst high school shooting and yet, there was almost nothing done to prevent the next shootings that have happened in the last nineteen years. If there was enough attention given to this tragedy when it happened, there would not have been so many innocent lives taken away. These two shooters had decided to originally bomb the school and potentially murder hundreds of students, staff and other individuals on campus. There were later revelations where “investigators eventually discovered the teens had been planning for a year to bomb the school in an attack similar to the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing” (1). These two individuals came armed with heavy weapons, willing to murder anyone who crossed their paths and still did not receive the right attention. These individuals proved that even the educational system and learning institutions were threatened by murderers. They may have gotten fame and attention through social media; however, not enough for the government to do something and end further school

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