The Importance Of Books In The World

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Today there are hundreds of newspapers all over the world. People desire to learn more and more about the affairs of the world which Books have been presented in human life since ancient time. At the beginning, books are made from bamboos, wood and cork. Until the sixteenth century, they are made from paper. At this time, it is not only paper books but also e-books - electronic books. Those are not only difference or an improvement in materials by the time but also an unceasing innovation on knowledge and information through several stages. Nowadays, in the book stores or book fairs which are organized regularly, the people are easy to behold that there are varieties books: children’s books, textbooks, specialized books event those for pleasure. Moreover, a number of books are published trending to increase each year. All of them have proved that “We live for books” as Umberto Eco has said in his novel (The Name of the Rose, 1985, p. 18). This paper will show…show more content…
The human mind is like a machine which always works without stopping, so books are the part of this operation. In reality, the books expand human wisdom. Firstly, the books are like a limitless power which provides information and knowledge to human’s search. This finding is in multiple domains. As in the typical tourist areas, you've heard others transmit about the famous scenic spots in Vietnam and in the world such as Ha Long Bay, Vietnam Towers in particularly or the Pyramids, Great Wall in other countries in generally. If only listening without reading, I can make sure that you just get the name of those events more their location. You are not the same kinds of people who spend time reading them. Therefore, you have no knowledge about how they were built, their special features, and so on. Those are your disadvantages which are the same meanings as Mark Twain’s quote ascribed by QI in 1945: "The man who does not read has no

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