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Many massacres dealing with gun violence, namely the Sandy Hook massacre, have occurred in the history of the United States. A lot of these gunman attacks have taken place in a variety of schools over the years. These attacks left teachers and students alert and aware of their surroundings in the classrooms at school. For the safety of these students in the schools of America, lockdown drills are made necessary. The Sandy Hook shooting was a tragic event which lied to necessary reactions and measures by the community in Newtown, as well as the U.S. nation as a whole. The shooting at Sandy Hook included many events during the day which were frightful and terrifying. On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza shot and killed his mother before breaking into Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown,…show more content…
Two people were injured (Kramer, Verhulst). The deaths included 6 adults, 20 children, his mother, in which he shot four times in the head, and himself after committing suicide (Shermer 33). The victims shot at the school were six adult women, 12 girls, and 11 boys (Martinez). The suspect in this tragic event was Adam Lanza. Lanza used many guns in the shooting. He used a .223 Caliber Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle, 10mm Glock 20 SF handgun, and 9mm SIG Sauer Handgun, in which most of his victims were killed with (Lysiak 90). Lanza also had more guns at home such as a 45 Henry repeating rifle, .30 Enfield rifle, and a .22 Marlin rifle, in which he shot his own mother with (Shermer 33). Many people may ask who the suspect was and what had caused him to do this. The suspect, Adam Lanza, was twenty years old. Prior to the shooting, Lanza had been in isolation. His mother and father were divorced, so his father moved, and his brother no longer lived with him and his mother at home (Martinez). During those years she lived with him, Nancy Lanza noticed her son’s obsession with video games that were morbid and violent (Lysiak

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