Safe Driving Case Study

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3.17 What are significant of the policy’s agenda? Discuss on the agenda of the policy towards the preparation of actual policy. Safe driving requires the driver to have the best possible vision of the road and other road users. Any reduction in driver vision, particularly in poor light conditions, such as twilight or wet weather conditions, will lead to a reduction in safety. Tinted windows can significantly reduce driver vision. This is likely to be more critical for the elderly and other people with even minor vision disabilities. Therefore, it is desirable that the light transmittance of windows on a motor vehicle is not reduced below the level as supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. 3.17.1 The effect of window tinting on drivers’ ability…show more content…
Proffitt (Professor of Psychology and of Biomedical Engineering University of Virginia 1996), increasing levels of window tinting were associated with an increase in the number of failures to detect a pedestrian in rear view mirrors and compare with a decrease in the distance needed to detect this target. Furthermore, increased levels of window tinting were related with an increase in between-subject variability, meaning that window tinting intervened with target detection more for some subjects than for others. The increase in variability is especially interesting and indicative of the influence of window tinting on target detection. As the result of experiment, for the vehicle tinted legally, only one vision detect failure when target at a distance of 38 metres or less, but for the not standard-tinted vehicle, a lot detection failures is found. Refer figure1 . The result shows that drivers must separate their attention in maintaining an awareness of traffic coming near from the rear and divided attention would perform in lower performance with increased levels of tinting cannot be ascertained from this…show more content…
The formulation process of policy is a level of the pre-decision phase of policy making including to creating a goals and options and also opportunities, costs and benefits of each options, externalities of each option. According to Howlett (2003),it including setting a set of policy to address an issue and problems as a result that a prepared set of solutions is done for the final solutions from which decision makers actually choose by judging the feasibility, political acceptance, costs and benefits. Otherwise, the formulation process needs the participation and also motivation of different actors with their entrances of new actors and ideas to play their roles in the formulating policy

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