Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana

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Should Marijuana be legalized? Harmful to the environment, no real evidence to be credited for its benefits, and gets individuals in a lot of trouble for possession. What makes marijuana an illegal drug? Or a dangerous one as some people might label it? Marijuana continues to be illegal, with harm being proved continuously from it. There are no real benefits from marijuana making it more harmful than effective. Marijuana should stay illegal due to the endangering of public safety, having negative effect on mental and physical health, and, jeopardizing the youth. To being with, Marijuana users who consume the drug on the job can seriously put public safety at risk. It is true that many jobs drug test, however many of those jobs may drug test…show more content…
Smoking Marijuana can have a negative effect on respiratory health. Marijuana can also affect a person's memory, lower IQ, judgment, and problem-solving skills. Strains of cannabis in circulation now are much stronger than they once were meaning that the impact on smokers could potentially be worse and more life threatening maybe even mental illnesses could develop. Pursuing this further, if Marijuana becomes legal it will jeopardize the youth. Perhaps there would be age restrictions on the ability to purchase Marijuana, however it will be easier to get a hold of for the adults thus an easy way to sell to the minors. The younger someone smokes the more likely their brain development will be affected and those young minds are the ones who need to be kept the healthiest because they are the future. Marijuana will be a modern day Tobacco and because of that young people driving will not have a clear head after using marijuana making it dangerous to maneuver a vehicle and could result in fatal accidents. According to studies made from The National Institute on Drug Abusive “evidence from driving studies indicates that marijuana can harm a driver’s ability to pay attention, awareness of time and speed, and ability to draw on information gained from past experiences.” To follow this further, it will cause bad habits amongst the youth because it will change their perception on the drug making it seem like it is okay to do bad and live bad, resulting in lack of work or being unable to carry
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