We Are Legion Movie Analysis

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9. We are legion: The story of hacktivists: Brian Knappenberger writes and creates a film which portrays a special and expert hacking group, their inside workings, plans and beliefs which they use and test to carry out their cyber-attacks. This group of hacktivists hacks into cyberspaces, online government portals, websites of foreign governments and lots more as a way of protesting against the abuse of copyrights, online censorship, brutality of the police. 10. Firewall: In this movie, great skill is given to the expertise of Jack Stanfield who is an expert in Bank security. Based on his expertise, he builds his career. He goes about designing computer systems which are theft proof. However, his achievements and all of his moves are followed by a…show more content…
IT: This movie is like a reincarnation of the troubles that the characters faced when they were kids and it comes back to haunt them as adults. It begins with scenes of social outcast groups from the year 1960 being bullied and tormented by a demon which can change itself into a clown. It comes back to haunt them after so many years, and they must fight this evil demon to free their adult life from danger. 16. Nerve: Vee Delmonico, a student, is just tired of her routine everyday life and the loads of pressures that comes from her family and friends. To do something unusual, she joins Nerve which is an online game played by challenging and competitive players. The game involves the performance of a series of dares, and sinister turns that Vee is bound to take. Yet she emerges victorious in the end. 17. The Italian Job: This movie involves a robbery heist where the safe cracker is killed and all of the gold is stolen by Steve who was part of the robbery gang. He cheats the others and keeps all the robbed gold to himself which angers the rest of the partners in crime. They together join forces along with the daughter of the killed safe cracker and they recover the gold from Steve’s multi-million dollar

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