Recreation Therapy

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Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in America as well as a leading cause of disability. Recovery from a stroke is a life-long process and requires a multifaceted rehabilitation approach. Recreation therapy can be a positive approach to this process through its many physical activities. As stated by the authors of this article, this report is to serve as an example of how golf-based physical activities, based on recreation therapy processes, can be integrated into a multifaceted rehabilitation program in order to increase the functional ability and balance of people who have strokes. As well as provide a basis for future development of programs in recreation therapy through the evaluation of the program. The study was conducted in medical centers with a…show more content…
This was divided into 3 phases which included warm ups, golf partner practice and debriefing period with identifying accomplishments and goal evaluations. All of this would be accomplished through the pre and posttest performed by the staff in charge of the program. At the beginning of the golf program participants are assessed on their fitness and balance using components of the Functional Fitness Battery, which is defined as the “physical capacity of the individual to meet ordinary and unexpected demands of daily life safely and effectively” (Bravo et al., 1994, p. 67) as well as the Berg Balance Test. Both of these assessments were used to assess participants before and after completion of 6 week program. Each participant was given a variety of forms that, if help needed, were completed throughout the weeks in the programs which monitored their progression. Each participant was instructed through a series of activities, such as sit and stand which required them to stand and walk around and then return to their seated position, as well as lifting weights by through full range motion
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