Driving Simulation: Drinking And Driving

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Because of various influences that can determine if someone decides to drink and drive, the current intervention includes several elements that focus on what research figured out to be the main risks. Before the particular elements will be discussed it is important to mention the context on which the intervention should be applied. Since the intervention serves the purpose of being preventive of the undesired behavior of drink-driving, it seems appropriate to add its elements to the current content of the driving school. Only one to two lessons would be necessary to fully implement this intervention. However, some components are specifically developed for people who already were caught by drinking and driving. Moreover, it is assumed that it would also be sensible to use this intervention for a preventive work in schools. Driving simulator A driving simulator should become the core of the intervention. Because previous such interventions as the “Safe A Life Tour” already showed promising effects and that it is…show more content…
In order to raise people’s identification with that voice, it is male for men and female for women. This person tells his/her story of once drink and drive and consequently causing an accident in which e.g. three other people (young parents with their baby) died and him/herself being heavily injured. This was followed by several weeks in hospital and becoming depressed because of self-recrimination towards the family that also led to suicidal thoughts. Once recognized, the only possibility for the person to live with this guilt was to prevent others from making the same mistake. That’s why they talk to the people and try to convince them not to become insecure at any time in the question whether to drive or not while being drunk. Hence, this component applies the Behavior Change Technique (BCT) of providing information on affective

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