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OVERWEIGHT OR OBESITY The issue of overweight and how it leads to hypertension and CAD has been discussed earlier. If you do not want to develop Coronary heart disease, you must avoid overweight. When overweight, every additional pound you gain is a step closer to coronary heart disease and eventually heart attack. To avoid overweight in the first place, you have to eat in moderation, no matter the food type; that is, whether protein, carbohydrates or fat. We noted earlier that the body ultimately converts all your food types to fat for storage and eventual weight gain if we eat more than what our body requires. The watchword against overweight therefore, is "moderation" in consumption. The irony about weight gain is that the more weight one gains, the more effective his/her digestion. As a result, the hungrier the person becomes generally. Consequently, the person who is gaining weight has the feel that he/she does not eat plenty, especially given the large appetite that always remains unmet. This is one reason why weight loss or weight control is not always easy for those who have gained or are gaining weight. However, excessive calorie intake can be avoided or controlled while ensuring a full stomach by including plenty of vegetables and fruit as part of every meal. In addition to helping us minimize…show more content…
The fact is that any food type, proteins, carbohydrates or fat that is consumed more than what the body requires is changed to glucose or body sugar for use as energy or changed to fat for storage if more than needed for energy. It is only in the form of fat that excess food can be stored in the body. That means that any food, irrespective of the type, that is eaten in excess of what the body needs will lead to weight

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