Road Rage Research Paper

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The term we use “road rage” can be best defined as aggressive driving that may arise from disagreements with other drivers and could possibly lead to aggressive driving behaviors and can be referred to as a variety of different offenses such as aggressive driving and property damage if there was an accident to take place during this incident. Road rage has become a huge problem in the United States and a major factor on the road as of today because of the careless driving habits of people who do not take any pride in their driving. Road rage has become very popular around the world. Most people become agitated of careless drivers of today. People are known to honk their horn, curse at the driver, or even try to maneuver back in front of the…show more content…
Some road rage intensifiers may be caused by the careless or unaware driving of those on cell phones. There have been an estimated of approximately 6 million deaths in the United States which involve car accidents and this could possibly have been caused by road rage or careless driving. In the United States, up to 1200 road rage-related deaths a year have been reported. Two-thirds of deaths in the United States are partially caused by road rage of these angry drivers of today. To understand road rage, one must examine the causes of road rage, negative effects of road rage, and possible solutions to road rage. One of the main causes of road rage that leads to death in the U.S. as of today is caused by the aggression of drivers. There has been thousands of accidents which happen each year because of aggressive driving caused by road rage. Road rage, or aggressive driving, defines an angry or aggravated motorist who attempts to kill or injure another driver because of a traffic altercation. Aggressive driving and road rage is increasing and it is one, if not the top concern for many drivers as of today. Of all traffic accidents, 66 percent of these accidents are caused by aggressive driving behaviors, such as

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