Doctor's Surgical Case Study

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Executive Summary The objective of the report was to gather information about the surgical company, Dr surgical and the industry as a whole to see the performance of the company and trends in the local and international market. As the ultimate goal of every business is to grow, the basic idea was to propose and devise a strategy for the company which can help it to grow and expand and help it gain competitive edge over the competitors. The study was conducted through the use of primary and secondary research. Interviews with the company’s management provided fruitful insights regarding company’s current policies and procedures. The financial performance was in favour of the company but somehow the growth was stagnant as the prevailing markets…show more content…
It operates as a medium size unit. Doctor’s surgical was founded by Chaudhary Allahdin in 1950. He along with his 2 partners decided to produce high quality surgical instruments and sell it in Middle East. Company have grown over time and now sells its instruments in various parts of the world which includes: Italy, Germany, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Dubai. 80% of its exports are catered to Middle East. It has a workforce of around 100 people. It employees specialist and manufacture high quality instruments. It pays keen attention on quality and produces high quality goods in reasonable…show more content…
Companies in these countries employee technology and continuously improve the production system to reduce their costs and improve quality. They continuously invest in research and development program to introduce new instruments to help doctors, surgeons and veterans. Due to change in the governments the taxes keep on fluctuating. Companies have to pay huge taxes when importing raw material from abroad. The sales tax is also increasing which results in lower profits for these industries. Companies operating in Sialkot don’t have any international established brand names. There are only few companies that are branded and produce high quality goods. The others are not branded and thus they receive lower price for the customers. Companies that have strong distribution channels abroad in the form of joint venture or show rooms abroad they have more opportunity. These companies are able to enjoy higher sales and revenues as they are more near to customers and the risk of default is also lower. Small companies don’t have these opportunities and thus they remain small and are not able to compete with these large

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