SWOT Analysis Of Success

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In conclusion, I would give all managers ten pieces on how to become successful. First one would be to make a SWOT Analysis. When making a SWOT Analysis, you would know your strengths and weaknesses within the organization. This can help the organization a lot. In order to be successful, you have to have more strengths than weaknesses. Then write out their opportunities and threats outside of the organization. It would be good to know, in advance, what opportunities does this organization have overall compared to other organizations. Threats are the good to know also, without knowing the threats it would harm the company in the future. The second one would be customer satisfaction. Customers are the real reason why we are in business. It is…show more content…
Success comes with hard work and dedication. No matter how hard you want to give up, do not, keep on striving. Success is not easy, if it was, everyone would be successful. It will be worth it in the end, do not let people or things distract you for what you really want in life. The fourth one would be to not fear failure, always be positive. If it helps, always surround yourself with positive people. You should have confidence and believe you will succeed. The word, can’t should never be in a person vocabulary. Always keep your head high regardless of the outcome. Positive things happen to positive people. And remember good things happen to people who waits. The fifth one would be to keep learning and improving your knowledge. Your brain is hungry, so why not keep feeding it? Each day try and learn new things, such as a new language. Another thing, researching or reading books, both can lead you to success. The more you learn the more knowledge you will gain each day. Learning would benefit the organization in varies ways. Learning is the key to…show more content…
When a person is open minded it makes a person more adaptable to an exclusive work environment. You should keep in mind, don’t just see things in your own point of view, but others as well. Be open to new ideas; more customers might be drawn to them. Always hear out people’s opinions about things; the more ideas the better. The eighth one would be to own up to in your mistakes; everyone is human. Try it a little differently, analyze why it did not work. When a person makes a mistake, be honest and learn from them. Mistakes are more like a wake-up call. Some people rarely know that mistakes tend to make people stronger. Mistakes will eventually lead to perfection; without mistakes how will we learn. When anyone makes a mistake, it makes us pay more attention to new information. The ninth one would be to a believe in yourself; don’t compare yourself with others. You as a person should trust your own instincts. Your intuition should never be underestimated. It is up to you to make your decisions overall. Most people say it is the sixth sense, meaning you should trust it. Sometimes you have to make some sacrifice to reach to the top. If you are willing to put it longer hours, it will be all worth it in the

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