Difference Between Gold And Gold

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WHITE GOLD V/S SILVER JEWELRY Jewelry of any kind makes for an attractive and potentially beneficial investment. Be it the wedding ring or wedding band you will possibly wear for the rest of your life, or an anniversary present or simply flaunting it on special occasions; you cannot go wrong with either white gold or with silver jewelry. However, most people still think they’re essentially the same. If you see closely, only then you observe that these are actually different. As a potential buyer, it is of utmost importance that you not only know the difference between the two but also know which one serves you the best and also caters to your personal needs. The following are some of the points you need to keep in mind while shopping for…show more content…
It is considerably cheaper than gold and thus appeals to most people. If you’re looking to buy jewelry without having to throw away a big chunk of your money, silver is the best option for you. However, silver can turn out to be a little expensive too. The cut that you chose and the jewel manufacturer are some factors that determine the prices in the end. These days, however, white gold and silver tend to be more similar in the price range too in some cases. Features On the first look, the basic and the most important difference between the two is the main metal. White Gold is mostly pure gold along with another one of the metals, generally, rhodium mixed into the alloy. The addition of rhodium into this alloy basically helps in easy polishing. There is also an important addition of white metal into the alloy, along with rhodium. This is what makes the yellowish color of gold disappear and a silvery color shines out. For example, these days, white gold chains are in high demand for their silvery finish. Silver jewelry, as we all know already is never pure silver. The highest silver metal is in sterling silver, which amounts to 92.5 of silver. It finishes off with a trademark grayish…show more content…
But a drawback with this is that it may cause greenish marks on your skin in some very rare and severe cases. While comparing white gold and silver jewelry, you can see that both kinds of jewelry metals have their own features and advantages. They both have drawbacks as well. A clear choice between the two is not present. Seeing through an inexperienced eye, a layman might say that they both look alike. But as you see here, there are some very fundamental differences between the two. So, it essentially depends on your personal demands. A buyer looking for a secure investment and having a bigger budget can go for white gold. On the other hand, silver is a good option for a lower budget range and good resale value. If you’re still in a dilemma over these two, the best thing you can do is see which piece of jewelry you like the best. Even if you have a bigger budget, if you like the silver piece and its design more than the gold one, then do not hesitate in buying that. The metals are important, no doubt about that. But also, the design of the piece, its quality and its appeal to your own eyes is what matters at the end of the day. So, be sure not to ignore this crucial assessment and buy only that which you most

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