Persuasive Essay About The Lego Room

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When I was young, there were very few things in life that could compare to my love for Legos. In many ways, the small plastic building block toy defined my childhood. As a result of this fact, during every holiday for almost 10 years, Legos were a large part of the celebration. Eventually, though, all of these large sets, and ensuing celebrations, eventually became a problem. Because my own room couldn’t seem to fit the sets. So, in 2010, I came up with an elaborate proposal: to convert an unused downstairs bedroom into a room filled with the Legos that had, in many ways, become the epitome of my early years. Surprisingly, my parents agreed, and my aptly-named “Lego Room” was born. Eventually, however, I grew up, and the sets that…show more content…
Why? Because the driving force behind my room was not the plastic bricks that it was comprised of, but rather their manuals. The manuals which showed how to make the indiscriminate plastic blocks into an airplane, or the airport that would play host to its passengers. For the manuals, I created a filing system, organized by category, and was able to rebuild broken sets as needed for the ensuing years. Although the sets necessitated the existence of the Lego Room, the manuals were what kept the collection in pristine…show more content…
But more importantly, we’re going to discuss our role in this great republic, and the real-world implications that our actions have on it. First, by opening the figurative box, filled with the building blocks of democracy, and discussing what defines the power of the Constitution, then breaking open the packaging by discussing times of difficulty within Constitutional history, including our own, and finally, by assembling the duties of any American citizen to this great

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